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Track Clamp

Track Clamp

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  • Size: 200x60mm
  • Compatibility: Milwaukee, Makita, Festool, Powertec track saw guide rails
  • Usage: Suitable for work tables with 20mm holes
  • Mechanism: Quick-fix and release ratchet system
  • Quantity: Sold individually


  • High-Quality Construction: Built to last with durable materials
  • Adjustable Reach: 200mm height and 60mm width for versatile clamping
  • Easy Operation: Ratchet system for quick and easy adjustments
  • Compatibility: Works with major brands' track saw guide rails
  • Stable Clamping: Prevents movement during cutting for precise results


  • Enhanced Precision: Secures guide rails to prevent movement during cuts
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with multiple track saw brands
  • Time-Saving: Quick-fix and release system speeds up workflow
  • Reliable Hold: Works on work tables with 20mm holes for secure material hold-down
  • Durability: High-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance

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Whats Included

  • 1 x Fast Tools Track Clamp (200x60mm)

Discover the ultimate solution for your woodworking needs with our Fast Tools Track Clamp. This high-quality 200x60mm clamp is designed to secure plunge saw guide rails and prevent movement, ensuring precision with every cut. It's compatible with Milwaukee, Makita, Festool, and Powertec track saw guide rails. Ideal for work tables with 20mm holes, this guide rail clamp offers quick-fix and release with its convenient ratchet system. Sold individually, our track clamp is the best choice for professionals seeking reliability and efficiency in their projects.

Why Choose Fast Tools Track Clamp:

Our Fast Tools Track Clamp stands out for its combination of quality, versatility, and ease of use. Its compatibility with top brands and the quick-fix ratchet system make it an essential tool for any professional carpenter or builder. When precision and reliability are paramount, our track clamp delivers outstanding performance every time.


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I am sure you have questions?


Can this clamp be used with any track saw guide rails?

Yes, the Fast Tools Track Clamp is designed to be compatible with track saw guide rails from top brands such as Milwaukee, Makita, Festool, and Powertec. This versatility ensures it can be used with a wide range of tools, making it a reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

What is the main function of the Fast Tools Track Clamp?

The primary function of the Fast Tools Track Clamp is to secure plunge saw guide rails in place, preventing movement during cuts. This ensures precision and accuracy with every cut, enhancing the overall quality of your woodworking projects.

How does the ratchet system of the Fast Tools Track Clamp work?

The Fast Tools Track Clamp features a convenient ratchet system that allows for quick-fix and release. This mechanism makes it easy to secure and release the clamp, speeding up your workflow and improving efficiency on the job site.