What sizes hinges work with the templates?


A: The templates work with 85x60mm and 100x75mm hinges. They run a standard setout of 200mm from top and bottom of the door and a 3mm door head gap. Also in the design is a 2mm difference in the hinge backset distance so the door closes without binding.


Does this work with all door sizes?


A: The 85mm template is designed to work with 85x60mm hinges on 35mm doors and matching rebated jambs and the 100mm template with 100x75mm on 35mm and 40mm thick doors and matching rebated jambs. Doors can be any height as you can run your own set out.


Can this be used on the door frame?


A: The Fast Hinge template will mostly be used on assembled door frames. It can be used on installed door frames by removing the rail and by using the black washers and using screws to secure to the door frame for safe cutting.


How does is cut the hinges recesses?


A: The hinge recesses are cut by using the supplied Fast Hinge router bit in a small router with a ¼ inch shank and setting the depth to HINGE THICKNESS + TEMPLATE THICKNESS 15mm. The router bit has a 2mm offset for preventing cutting of the template.