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Tall Stair Gauges with holder

Tall Stair Gauges with holder

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  • Material: High-quality aluminum alloy with anodized surface
  • Design: Hexagonal for precise measurement alignment
  • Thumbscrew: Black oxide steel large knurled thumbscrew
  • Holder and Carabiner: Aluminum, making it portable and secure
  • Functions: Can be used with a circular saw, for stair stringer layout, and with a carpenter’s square


  • High-Quality Construction: Made from durable aluminum alloy with an anodized finish
  • Precision Design: Hexagonal shape for accurate measurement alignment
  • Enhanced Stability: Taller body for increased surface contact, especially on rounded edges
  • Secure Fastening: Black oxide steel large knurled thumbscrew for a firm grip
  • Portability: Comes with an aluminum holder and carabiner for easy transport and storage


  • Durability and Longevity: Constructed from robust materials to withstand tough job site conditions
  • Improved Accuracy: Hexagonal design and taller body ensure precise and consistent measurements
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various applications including circular saw guide, stair stringer layout, and repetitive angle marking
  • Ease of Use: Large knurled thumbscrew allows for quick adjustments and secure positioning
  • Convenient Storage: Aluminum holder and carabiner keep gauges secure and easily accessible

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Whats Included

  • 1 x Tall Stair Gauges (pair)
  • 1 x Aluminum Holder
  • 1 x Carabiner

Unlock precision and efficiency in your carpentry projects with our Tall Stair Gauges for Framing Square with Holder and Carabiner. Designed with high-quality aluminum alloy, these gauges feature an anodized surface, ensuring durability and reliability. The hexagonal design aligns measurements perfectly, while the taller body maximizes surface contact, even on rounded edges. Equipped with a black oxide steel large knurled thumbscrew, and paired with an aluminum holder and carabiner, these gauges are easy to carry and hard to lose. Ideal for use as a circular saw guide, stair stringer layout, or marking repetitive angles on a carpenter’s square.

Why Choose Tall Stair Gauges for Framing Square with Holder and Carabiner?

Choosing our Tall Stair Gauges ensures you have a reliable, versatile tool that enhances your precision and efficiency in carpentry projects. The combination of high-quality materials, ergonomic design, and added features like the holder and carabiner make these gauges an indispensable part of your toolkit. Whether you're a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, these gauges provide the accuracy and convenience you need for flawless results.


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I am sure you have questions?


What are tall stair gauges used for?

Tall stair gauges are used to mark precise measurements and angles on materials, ensuring accurate cuts and alignments. They are particularly useful for stair stringer layouts and can also be used as a guide for circular saws.

How do you attach stair gauges to a framing square?

To attach stair gauges to a framing square, slide the gauges onto the square's edge and secure them in place using the knurled thumbscrews. This allows for precise positioning and measurement alignment on the square.

Can stair gauges be used with a circular saw?

 Yes, stair gauges can be used with a circular saw. They serve as a quick saw rip guide, helping to ensure straight and accurate cuts when working with various materials.