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Corner Chisel

Corner Chisel

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The Fast Hinge Corner Chisel is designed for precision and efficiency in woodworking. With a spring-loaded HSS cutter edge and a solid aluminum body, it ensures easy alignment and increased efficiency. The 22mm body is specifically designed to work on door lock faceplates, making it an essential tool for any door installation project.


  • Spring-loaded HSS cutter edge for precise cutting
  • Solid aluminum body for durability
  • Easy alignment for increased efficiency
  • 22mm body designed for door lock faceplates
  • Compact and portable for easy carrying

Whats Included

1x Fast Hinge Corner Chisel

The indispensable tool for achieving perfectly square corners when installing door hinges and lock faceplates. This spring-loaded, high-speed steel (HSS) corner chisel is more efficient than traditional hand chisels, ensuring precise 90-degree corners with ease. Compact and portable, it’s a must-have for any craftsman’s tool belt. Experience the best in round corner chisels, the finest corner chisels, and 90-degree corner chisels.

Why Choose Fast Hinge Corner Chisel:

The Fast Hinge Corner Chisel is engineered for superior performance and reliability. Its spring-loaded design and HSS cutter edge provide unparalleled precision, making it the perfect tool for squaring corners in hinge and door lock recesses. The solid aluminum body ensures durability, while the compact design allows for easy portability. Whether you’re a professional craftsman or a DIY enthusiast, this corner chisel is an essential addition to your toolkit.

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We Have Answers

What is a chisel used for?

 A chisel is a versatile tool used in woodworking to cut or carve hard materials such as wood. It’s commonly used for creating joints, shaping, and detailing.

Which chisel is used for making 90 degree sharp corners?

The Fast Hinge Corner Chisel is specifically designed for creating sharp, 90-degree corners, making it ideal for hinge and lock recesses.