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Carbide Router Bit

Carbide Router Bit

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This industrial grade Fast Hinge CARBIDE Router Bit features a strong 7mm high and 11.8mm wide down cut cutter head, as well as a 1/4 shank and oversized bearing.

  • Designed specifically for the Fast Hinge Template ,any jigs with 2mm offset
  • Oversize bearing for 2mm offset cutting to protect the template
  • Can be used on all handheld wood routers/ trimmers that can accept a 1/4 inch shank
  • Large size 11.8mm cutter head for faster cutting.
  • Made from high grade Luxembourg carbide manufactured on German machinery.
  • High quality sealed Ball bearing
  • Deep grooving in cutter head for removing material without chip loading
  • For use on Softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, Plywood.

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