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1/4 (6.35mm) Solid Carbide 2 flute Upcut

1/4 (6.35mm) Solid Carbide 2 flute Upcut

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  • For standard 1/4 handheld routers or CNC router machines.
  • Premium solid tungsten carbide for a high-performance industrial quality tool. Polished to a mirror finish from a solid carbide rod for precision & accuracy
  • Upcut bits can leave a rough top edge and clean bottom edge.

Style:1/4" Diameter - 1" Length - 1/4" (6.35mm) Shank

Best used for: Standard routing and are well suited for dadoing and boring as the upcut flutes direct woodchips in an upward direction away from the cutting area leaving a cleaner path for the router bit.

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