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Air Pump Bag

Air Pump Bag

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Fast Hinge Air Pump Bag allows you to wedge and hold various items. It is very handy with doors, windows, door frames and cabinetry while you're installing and screwing them into place. You can even use it on appliances while levelling, or to safely hold a glass door open, where regular wedges could damage it.

The Air Pump Bag is max rated 200kg which means more lifting power. Simply use your hand or foot on the pump to lift, and the push button pressure release to lower.

  • Use it for installing windows, positioning doors, levelling furniture, kitchen cabinets and household appliances
  • Load capacity max 200kg, and joint width 2mm to 50mm.
  • Use your hand or foot to operate with ease.
  • Soft air cushion doesn't leave marks and protects the items.
  • Long lasting Fiber reinforced material, double coated with welded seam
  • Can make a 2 person task possible with 1 person.
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